We are Yogis, Muso, Wellness Warriors, Mums, Coaches, Nutritionists, Reiki Masters...every background ready to tap into something larger than ourselves. We've got wild ideas, relentless drive & motivation, and a gorgeous message to share.

We all have unique stories, backgrounds, skills and we are UNITED in vision. A VISION of true freedom...HEALTH is wealth, TIME is wealth and we committed to showing up to show you how you can redefine what is possible.


We care about mother earth and the people on it so we vote with our dollar and consciously choose to select companies who are doing good in this world.

We are here to live an EXTRAORDINARY life, to lift each other up, empower each other to consciously create an abundant life, contribution to others, and the freedom from nourishing our bodies, minds, souls and bank balances to create a THRIVING lifestyle.....playing by our own rules. 


We hold a space for each of us to shine, encourage each other to step out of our comfort zones, overcome self limiting beliefs and empower us all to create abundant lives of FREEDOM.


We have huge dreams, bold goals, wild ambitions, massive hearts and souls and we invite you to join us to help elevate the lives of everyone we meet.


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