So what exactly are Essential Oils? Well, essential oils are the immune system of the plant. Plants rely on tiny organic molecules that serve a variety of protective, reproductive and regenerative purposes. which are called aromatic compounds, contained in Essential Oils which ward off pests, attract friendly plant eaters and heal the plant from injury and infection. These compounds of the petals, leaves, bark, resin and rind of the plant play a crucial role in its longevity and resilience.


Just as these compounds benefit the plant, they also benefit us in a similar way. I’ve chosen to align myself with doTERRA essential oils – both as a consumer and professionally – because of their quality and the truly outstanding lengths they go to to achieve this while ensuring sustainability for our planet




doTERRA’s oil collection is sourced from over 40 countries.

Half of these are developing nations.

Meaning: there is so much opportunity for us to be able to support these communities. 


But there’s another (more touching) reason why doTERRA spans the globe to source their oils......doTERRA seeks out plants from areas that they are either:

  1. indigenously grown, or

  2. best thriving, due to humidity, soil condition and sustainability practices.

Every time you buy a bottle of doTERRA essential oil, you are, quite literally, making the world a better place.

We love that doTERRA has a relationship with their partners like none other I have seen. It supports families and communities who are providing us with these amazing plant extracts which they have tended to for generations. These farmers, growers and distillers get paid fairly, on time and often receive a profit share of their batches. They’re able to provide for their families, send their children to school, and go to sleep with peace in their heart knowing with certainty that they will have work tomorrow.​

If you’re a keen as to get amongst all of this oily goodness…

Follow the Step-by-step instructions on how to do that are below. I recommend starting with the Natures Solutions Kit (you’ll get the starting products we believe every home should have).


Experience the power of doTERRA essential oils and products through the Nature's Solutions Enrolment Kit. This kit is a perfect companion to assist with achieving your wellness goals!


Essential Oils:

10 mL bottles:

Past Tense

Clary Calm


15mL bottles:

DigestZenPurifyTea TreeOreganoAromaTouchFrankincenseLavender PeaceEasy Air, Citrus BlissLavenderLemonPeppermintSmart & SassyLemongrassOn Guard


5 mL bottles:

Ice Blue


Kit also contains:

Ice Blue rub, Correct-X, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Easy Air Vapour Stick, Petal Diffuser, Wooden Box, On Guard Cleansing ToothpasteOn Guard Foaming Hand Wash with 2 dispensers, On Guard Beadlets, Introductory packet and Enrolment





You don’t just get the oils, you get us, too!


  • Welcome email with a gorgeous PDF outlining the basics on how to get started

  • Amazing resources, e-books and PDFs to get you started

  • 30 minute Wellness Consult. We’ll make sure you have the oils you need and that you’re getting the most of your membership

  • Ongoing support and education on how to use your oils in all of the ways possible!

  • Essential Oil Starter Series. For six months, you’ll receive one email a week from myself or one of the leaders on Team Bliss. We’ll drip feed you EO education so you feel confident and supported. The last thing we want is those oils collect dust.

  • Access to our Team Facebook groups, where people share their experience with the oils on the daily

  • And of course, if ever you’re interested in exploring the business , just walk this way to learn more.

Before you go on, we must explain that if you already have a doTERRA account, you will be unable to open one with me. This is doTERRA’s policy and I loyally stand behind it. In doTERRA we honour the source from which you were first educated about these oils, so please head back to the person who introduced you and let them enrol you, they’ll be so stoked to do that. If, on the other hand, you’re brand new to all this, read on, and let’s get your oils to you now.

And when you’re ready to purchase, follow these directions carefully:

  • Click this link OR the Get Started button above:

  • Follow the prompts

  • At *Enroller id*, enter my number: 4668042

  • Select what kit you’d like to order. If you just want to start with a couple of oils instead of a kit, start typing the name of the oil in the box and it will appear for you to select it. Be sure to select the $35 introductory packet if you’re not enrolling with a kit. Purchasing a kit waives this enrollment fee..

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