RESOURCES I LOOOOVE for living a thriving lifestyle!

OMG!!! I am LOVING these delicious oils! I promise there are more details coming your way!! 

Don’t have a wholesale DoTERRA account? You can open an account for just $35. Then you can buy your oils whenever you want for 25% off retail. If you want to get your account active you can shoot me a message.

Or come along to a class

Set up our account here:

+ Click "join & save"

+ Select your shipping location

+ Select "Wellness Advocate”

+ Enter your details, & my ID: 4668042 (my name should come up)

+ Select "introductory packet $35AU/$20US to open your wholesale account & add your oils individually

+ OR select a kit to join for free (I recommend the Home Essentials Kit as best value at 40% off the retail price

I have never felt more closely aligned with a program to assist business and personal growth all rolled into one. It felt so natural to enrol with Soulpreneurs and expand The Soul Collective partnership program to align with this beautiful tribe. 

Please contact me with any queries. x

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